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It’s amazing what comes around if you wait long enough!

Having bought a ThreadCutterz one at the 2017 Festival of Quilts, after seeing it on Mister Domestic’s IG page, Hemline have now produced their own version – at a fraction of the price (they’re only £2.75 each at our shop)

They’re really comfy to wear – it’s a case of one size fits all, and they come in three colours (above) and the little blades are super sharp.

I tend to wear mine on my right hand on the same finger I wear my thimble – but it can be worn on any finger (or thumb), so it’s what you get used to. I did find it getting a little pinchy the longer I wore it, but then again I am used to another one.

The little blades hide under the heart, and it does work better with the point away from your fingertip. They are designed for use with most hand sewing projects, and don’t leave little fluffy ends to your thread – so re-threading your needle shouldn’t be a hassle.

These are travel friendly – especially for air-travel as most airlines still have restrictions on bladed items such as scissors. Mine is now a permanent resident in my sewing box, and I feel lost without it.

In conclusion it’s a great little notion for those quilter’s that have everything else.