Very wise words from Mum there. We live by them at the shop, and they’re ringing very true for me this year – I’ve got to learn two new techniques which I will be teaching as workshops later on.

I made a start on the first technique (which I am teaching at the end of March – no pressure) – Japanese Folded Patchwork. I’m making it doubly hard for myself by working with two shapes, circles and hexagons. After some jiggery-pokery I’ve gotten over the first hurdle. Now I just need to practice my hand quilting…

I also managed to get the first batch of Star Connectors on the main rosette for my Pollinate Quilt. It was a little bit of a fiddle, but it’s changed the look completely. It’s going to start growing quickly now.

The sale at the shop was fabulous, there’s now quite a considerable lean on a lot of the shelves, but new fabric has started to trickle in. We’ve just had a delivery of a selection from Alison Glass’s new Sunprints collection. They’re just scrummy!

On stock/fabric note, we (my cousin Jo and myself) are working on an overhaul of the Stockroom section of the website. It is long overdue, and will hopefully be much more user friendly and easier to navigate through the fabrics etc. Watch this space!